Author Topic: Kebutuhan Server Paling Minimum untuk MODx Revolution  (Read 2803 times)

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Kebutuhan Server Paling Minimum untuk MODx Revolution
« on: October 12, 2010, 07:34:11 PM »
Ini adalah kebutuhan minimum server untuk bisa menginstall MODx Revolution tanpa kendala (
Supported Operating Systems

    * Linux x86, x86-64
    * Mac OS X
    * Windows XP, Server

Supported Web Servers

    * Apache 1.3.x - 2.2.x (uses htaccess for Friendly URLs by default)
    * IIS 6.0
    * lighttpd (Setup and Friendly URL Guide)
    * Zeus

PHP Compatibility

    * 5.1.1 and above (excluding 5.1.6 and 5.2.0)
    * Required extensions:
          o zlib
          o JSON (or PECL library)
          o mod_rewrite (for friendly URLs/.htaccess)
          o GD lib (required for captcha and file browser)
          o PDO, specifically pdo_mysql (for xPDO)
          o SimpleXML
    * safe_mode off
    * register_globals off
    * magic_quotes_gpc off
    * PHP memory_limit 24MB or more, depending on your server

MySQL Database Requirements

    * 4.1.20 or newer, with the following permissions:
          o SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE are required for normal operation
          o CREATE, ALTER, INDEX, DROP are required for installation/upgrades and potentially for various add-ons
          o CREATE TEMPORARY TABLES may be used my some 3rd party add-ons
    * excludes version 5.0.51 (Why not 5.0.51?)
    * InnoDB storage engine
    * MyISAM storage engine

Supported Browsers (for Backend Manager Interface)

    * Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and above
    * Apple Safari 3.1.2 and above
    * Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and above

    * Pastikan setting-an Owner/Group selalu untuk Anda, baik untuk file dari FTP maupun hasil script.
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